Professional Development 8/17 through 8/23/2015

Software Development

Security Concerns

Process and Policy


2 thoughts on “Professional Development 8/17 through 8/23/2015

  1. Thanks for the link. I am wishing that there was something like this for TFS, but there isn’t, so I’ll have to hand roll my own solution. The problem I’m running into is that TFS favors build versioning, which I find pretty useless. All the variables available to the build server are related to the build, not the changeset, or some other useful value from which you could determine a semantic version. The best solution I have right now is to just increment the version ‘manually’ based on whether it is a breaking change, feature addition or bug fix. This would probably be done by way of triggering a powershell script at build time. I am still searching for something that would work at the time changes were merged to the trunk.

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