Professional Development 5/26 through 5/31/2015

Software Engineering




Professional Development 5/18 through 5/24/2015

Software Development

  • What Makes a Website Good? –
  • 9 Anti-patterns Every Programmer Should be Aware of With Examples –
  • The Bikeshed Email –
  • Setting Input Values In jQuery With The val() Method –
  • Window.postMessage() –
  • How Pair Programming Really Works –


  • Appeasers, Crusaders, and Why Meetings Usually Suck –
  • Low Cost Legacy Help –

Computer Science

  • Speed Dating Algorithm –
  • The Bin Packing Problem –

Professional Development 5/11 through 5/17/2015

This week my focus at work has been on creating a prototype web application that uses a users AD credentials to log into a web based terminal emulator. Here are the resources that I found useful to help complete this task:

In addition to the above resources, I learned things from reading the following items about more general topics:

Professional Development 5/4/2015 through 5/10/2015

I recently started a new job and have found that there will likely be little time for me to write formal posts. I have little time to write formal posts even without the burden of learning everything there is to know about the new system that I am going to have to support. In response to this I am going to adopt a practice that my colleagues at my former company have adopted to help supplement their blogging. I also hope that this will help keep our practice of sharing our learning with each other on a daily basis alive. This section will be a devoted to weekly posts with articles and resources that I found useful or learned something from in the last week, with this being the first of those posts. I hope that these resources can help you if you are in need.